A bit about me…

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I’m an entrepreneur…building a business and creating a life that I love.

How did I get to where I am today? It wasn’t easy…

I changed the way I think, act, and react in order to get the positive changes and outcomes that I wanted. I know…it’s not rocket science!  And there’s that famous Albert Einstein quote that always sticks with me….“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

I got clear on what I wanted and what’s most important in my career, relationships, and life.

I stopped comparing and living my life according to other people’s timelines and Facebook status updates.

I explored new opportunities and didn’t let my previous job titles limit my potential.




Not that long ago in 2014, when I was 34…

I wasn’t married. I was in an “on-again/off-again” relationship for 5 years that was on a long road to nowhere. But, I was comfortable, thought he was the best I could do, and scared that I wouldn’t meet “the one”…so I stuck it out and convinced myself that things would change.  Facebook posts were a constant reminder that all my friends were moving forward in their lives…getting engaged/ getting married/ having kids/ moving to the ‘burbs.

I wasn’t a mom. My biological clock was on it’s last tick-tock. On my 34th birthday, my mother asked me if I had thought about freezing my eggs. Seriously. I didn’t have a burning desire to have kids at that particular moment…I love being an aunt to my 2 super cool nephews. But, I really valued my independence and my maternal instinct still hadn’t kicked in.

I wasn’t employed. Earlier that year, I quit my job at a well-known global fashion company…leaving behind a six-figure salary, benefits, and clothing discount. I ditched it all because I was burnt out, unhappy, and dreaded going into work every single day. I couldn’t imagine myself doing it for another 30 years.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life.

I was SO focused on all the things that I WASN’T rather than figuring out what I really wanted.

What’s Next?

I want to inspire and help other women find their own unique path to being successful and happy. I know so many women feel the frustration of not being “on track” in life and wanting to make big changes, but are too scared. You may be successful, independent, and content….but still feel like something is lacking in your career, relationships, and life.  I know EXACTLY how that feels….YUCK!   It’s not easy to break out of your comfort zone and make changes….but, it’s so worth it in the end!  Stop focusing on all the things you aren’t and instead funnel all that brain power on the what you want and go after it.  It’s perfectly ok to live life on your own terms and redirect your path and energy towards creating a life that is uniquely you. Start acting like the person that you want to become!